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Growing Mango Plant from Seed

Being an amateur to gardening I thought maybe I should try growing a Mango Tree from the seed we get from ripe fruit.

Let me first tell you about the plants I already have started in my home garden. It has been 5-6 weeks since I have started with Bottle Gourds, Brinjals (Eggplants) and Cucumbers, and 3 weeks for Tomatoes, Chilies. I also have week-old Morning Glory seedlings. There are also three Lemon seedling growing from seeds taken from the fruit. I also have Tomatoes that I planted from seeds that I prepared from ripe fruit with the process of fermentation.

On the noon of June 18 my brother was cutting a Mango and I took this opportunity to take the seed from him and start my own Mango plant. I saw a lot of methods to germinate a Mango seed but I considered going with the wet tissue paper method to germinate the Mango seed.

The seed that you get from the ripe fruit will not germinate as is but you need to take the husk/hard shell off to find the seed inside that can be germinated. I used scissors and my knife to crack open the outer shell carefully so that the seed inside the shell remains unharmed or undamaged. To prevent damage to the seed inside you need to cut the shell from the narrow edges and open the shell by carefully pulling away the open edge of shell with use of a knife. After the shell is open I find the actual seed inside it and it looks like a giant Kidney Bean. This the seed that I need for germination.

Now the hard part is over and I got the seed, all I need to do now is to put the seed for germination. I took about a foot-long toilet paper, placed the seed near the corner of it and rolled the seed in toilet paper. Once rolled I sprayed the rolled seed with some water so as to make it just wet, but not dripping with water.

I used a glass jar to place the wrapped seed and kept it aside to let it germinate. Now I am waiting for germination to happen and see that seed sprouting some shoots out of it. I learnt the germination process from different web resources that say it take a week or two for a Mango seed to germinate.

I am waiting for it to germinate and will post updates via edits to this post. Meanwhile I will share some other stuff I will be doing in the home garden. I will be back with a new post soon.

Hey, as a tryout I also put some Spinach seeds in two small plastic boxes. Keeping my fingers crossed and waiting for results.

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